It can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing to repair or replace your heating/cooling equipment. The number of different choices of equipment is comparable to the number of automobiles in the auto industry. When deciding to purchase a vehicle, you choose the classification of vehicle you want: SUV, minivan, truck, car, etc. After this people typically look at a certain make: Ford, Honda, GM, etc. Then they find out the options available and which ones fits their needs and wants: 2WD, 4X4, AWD, leather seats, color, zoned climate control, etc.


Deciding to purchase a new piece of heating/cooling equipment is just like this except you will not be able to drive it off the lot. First you decide what type you would like: air conditioner, heat pump, air handler, furnace or geothermal. Next you do some research on the make you would like to look at based on your current system and how you felt about its performance and longevity. You should consult with your neighbors, your family, and your friends to find out what they have and how they feel about the performance of their equipment. Once you have done these steps, then it is time to start learning about all the different options available and choosing which best fits your needs.


The last step in purchasing new equipment is choosing the right contractor for you. The contractor is ultimately responsible to ensure that your equipment is installed per manufacturer specifications so it operates as designed and meets the standards set up by the manufacturer. The contractor should be someone you have researched (ask them for referrals from jobs they have previously done, check online reviews, BBB, Angie’s List, etc.). Be sure that you feel comfortable with and trust your contractor because ideally, this will be the contractor who stays with you throughout the entire life of your system.


This is the contractor who will size your equipment for your home. If a unit is oversized it will turn off and on or “short cycle” and not be as energy efficient as it should be. If you’re A/C is short cycling, the designed cycle will be cut short and it may not have the opportunity to dehumidify/cool your home properly. If your furnace is short cycling it will turn on and off and when the cabinet becomes hot, it will turn off before the demands of the thermostat are met.


We believe it is good to have all the information prior to making a decision and in this section we will define all the terms used to describe different options in different equipment. We will compare them to household items you use every day so you understand and know what you want prior to someone coming to your home to give you an estimate.

Furnaces - Repair & Replacement

Whether your needs consist of furnace repair or furnace replacement, Westin Air is your contractor. We pride ourselves in our quality installation, service and the quality team members serving you. Call us today for a Free no pressure replacement estimate or to schedule a service call.

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AC - Air Conditioners

Ohio weather is quite challenging in the summer. One day you will be turning on your furnace and the next you will have your air conditioner on to remove the humidity and cool your home. We are as uncomfortable as you when the heat and humidity strike. Whether you need air conditioner repair or an air conditioner replacement, we are your go to company. We offer quick service and installation along with the highest quality. Our friendly staff, knowledgeable technicians are ready to service your air conditioner in the heat of the summer to provide you with optimum indoor comfort. Call us today for a free no pressure air conditioner replacement or an air conditioner repair.

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Air Handlers

Sometimes called and electric furnace or fan coil, your air handler is the backbone to your heat pump system. Westin Air asks you to trust us with the repairs, maintenance and replacement of this component of your heating and cooling system. Call us today for any questions you may have about your current or future heating and cooling system.

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Do you have sever asthma, nose bleeds, dry & cracked skin? Are you tired of covering up the smells in your home with air fresheners? Do you want to stop that “bug” being passed around your home or office? Westin has solutions to these very common problems. Give us a call and lets discuss solutions to your indoor air quality concerns!

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Westin air offers different accessories to protect your current equipment and allow you to get more out of your heating and cooling system. The advancements in the HVAC technology are simply amazing. Some of these advancements consist of tying you home security system into your thermostat, controlling the lights, locks on doors, garage doors, security cameras, indoor temperature, fan operation all for the touch of your smart phone. Call us today to see how we can help protect your most valuable asset: your home and family!

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