Service Calls and Repairs

Diagnostic Service Call
If your system fails on you, the first step is to call Westin Air and schedule a service call to diagnose the problem. This service is for one of our professional, trained and courteous technicians to come to your house, perform the tests necessary to figure out what is causing the problem and give you a price to repair it.
Residential Diagnostic Service Call $89
Commercial Diagnostic Service Call $99


All repairs offered by Westin Air are quoted. This means we do not charge an hourly rate for anything. You will know how much the repair will cost before we start the work. The price will stay the same even if it takes longer than expected.


Common problems and what it actually means in comparison to your system operation:

Dirty Air Filter – If your blower can not pull air through your filter because it has not been changed/cleaned it will shut your entire system down in heating or cooling mode. This is the root cause of most “no heat” and “no cool” service calls.

Dirty outdoor or indoor coil – The cleanliness of both evaporator coil (indoor) and condenser coil (outdoor) are essential to your system operation. If either of these coils is dirty the efficiency and capacity of the air conditioner to cool your house will drop dramatically.

Bad Condenser Fan Motor – The condenser fan motor is responsible for pulling air across the outdoor condenser coil. If there is not an adequate amount of air flowing through the coil, the refrigerant will not be able to release heat properly and your system will overheat.

Bad Blower Motor – The blower motor is responsible for circulating the air through the furnace, into the ductwork, and out of your registers. It also pulls the same air through your return air grills and back to the furnace. If your blower motor goes down or is not operating properly, your furnace could overheat or your air conditioner could freeze up.

Low Refrigerant – Refrigerant is responsible for transferring heat out of your home during the summer . The refrigerant circuit in your air conditioning system is 100% sealed and should never leak out. If your system is low on refrigerant, then there is most likely a leak causing the loss of refrigerant. Leaks can happen naturally over time caused by constant vibrating of the system operating. Leaks can happen in many different places in the refrigerant circuit. Some are repairable and some are not. If your system is low on refrigerant it will not cool or remove humidity from the house.

Bad Contactor – Contactors are responsible for providing the unit with electrical current. It is like a light switch that is off when not in use and on when in use. Sometimes bugs or small rodents can crawl into the housing of the contactor and interrupt the current when the switch attempts to turn on. If it cannot close properly, your unit will not receive power. Contactors should be inspected once a year.

Bad Capacitor – Capacitors are responsible for assisting your unit on start up. Your air conditioner/heat pump requires more energy upon start up than in any other cycle. Capacitors are there to give your system a jolt to help your unit start a little easier and reduce wear and tear on your unit. If your unit has a bad capacitor, it may be trying to start but unable.

Bad Compressor – The compressor is the heart of your air conditioner or heat pump. It is responsible for circulating the refrigerant through your system. If the compressor goes out on your system, you should consider replacement of the unit. The cost of repair can be very costly and depending on the age of the equipment, may not be cost effective.

Dirty Flame Sensor – The flame sensor is a safety mechanism that ensures the gas has ignited and continues to burn. The flame sensor uses a flame as a conductor of electricity. Sometimes your flame sensor can build up with soot and be unable to sense the flame when the furnace ignites. It then tells the furnace to shut down because it thinks the gas is unlit when in actuality it is lit. Flame sensors should be cleaned once a year.

Thermocouple – The thermocouple is used on furnaces with a standing pilot. It is a safety feature like a flame sensor. It senses whether the pilot is hot enough to ignite the gas coming into the furnace. If it is not hot enough the thermocouple will shut off the gas to the furnace.

High Temperature Limit Switch – The limit switch is a safety feature that monitors the temperature inside your furnace cabinet. If the cabinet gets too hot, it will turn off the burners and the gas until the cabinet has cooled down enough for it to relight the burners and turn on the gas. If the high temp limit switch is preventing your furnace from operating, there is a very good possibility there are other underlying problems causing the furnace to overheat.

Pressure Switch – A pressure switch is a safety feature that prevents flue gas buildup in your home. It measures negative pressure by the draft inducer motor at start up (to make sure inducer motor is operating). If the inducer motor is not operating, dangerous gases can build up in your home. The pressure switch will turn off the furnace if the inducer motor is not keeping up with the fumes emitted from the furnace.

Inducer Fan Motor – This is a motor which helps vent dangerous fumes created by your furnace to the outside of your home. It is a fan that pushes the dangerous gases out of your home via the flue.

Cracked Heat Exchanger – The heat exchanger is the metal cells in your furnace where the gas is lit and burned, creating heat in your home and capturing the dangerous fumes created by the combustion of gas. Cool air blows across the heat exchanger and absorbs the heat created from the combustion of gas then then warmed air is transported throughout your home via your ductwork. If there are cracks in your heat exchanger, those harmful fumes can be dispersed throughout you home.

Hot Surface Igniter – Acts like the pilot except it is electric ignition. The filaments will heat up to 1,800°F – 2,500°F and has a lifespan of 3-5 years. If your hot surface igniter goes out, you will have no heat as this is the only source of ignition for the gas coming into your furnace.


Westin Air provides a quality installation every time! Whether you are looking for just a furnace, an entire system or a humidifier, you will be impressed with the quality of work and friendly staff assisting you through your entire purchase and beyond! Call us today for a free no pressure estimate!

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Service Calls and Repairs

Whether you have a boiler, geothermal, mini-split or traditional furnace and air conditioner, you will be impressed with the service you receive from Westin Air. We take pride in our work and our team members. Quick response time is something we hold dear to hearts. If you are experiencing any issues or would just like a price check, call Westin Air today!

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You wouldn’t let your car go it’s entire lifespan without an oil change or tune up, so don’t let your heating and cooling system go without. Just like your car, your heating and cooling system requires annual maintenance to continue to operate as designed. We all have busy lives and understand that one of the last things you should be worried about is your heating and cooling system. We have maintenance plans designed with you in mind. Let us worry about the condition of your heating and cooling equipment. Call us today for more information!

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Duct Cleaning

Many companies offer duct cleaning but how good can a carpet cleaning company really clean your HVAC equipment? It is important to educate yourself on the different types of duct cleanings offered and the price differences. Westin Air puts your entire system under negative pressure to ensure the highest quality duct cleaning available. Call us today for any questions you have about duct cleaning.

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