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Furnace Maintenance Services

Furnace maintenance is essential for ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of your furnace. While many of the items that need to be cleaned and checked in your furnace should only be performed by our qualified service technician, there are a few things you can do yourself. First and foremost, always keep a good quality clean furnace filter in place. It is a good practice to buy good quality filters in bulk and keep them on hand. Mark your calendar to remind you when it is time to change your filter, then do it! A dirty furnace filter reduces your furnace’s efficiency and reduces air flow. If you remove the filter and operate your furnace with no filter in place, dirty, dusty air is pulled from your return air directly into your furnace, depositing dirt and debris throughout your furnace.

Many furnaces have indicator lights that will show you that something is amiss with your furnace operation. Some brands have a steady blinking light that indicates when your furnace is operating properly, and will flash is different sequences to indicate that there is a problem. When you pass by your furnace, make it a habit to glance at the indicator light, if your unit has one. If you see it flashing an error, you can check in your owner’s manual to see what the error indicates, or simply call Westin Air and schedule a time for one of our service technicians to come and check out your furnace.

When you have a combustion furnace, it is essential to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Be sure to routinely check that your CO dectectors are working properly. Also, be sure your venting is clear from debris. If you have an 80% efficient furnace, make sure the metal vent pipe has no holes, is not touching anything flammable (as it can get hot), and that where it exits your roof or your chimney is clear of any bird nests or other debris.

Also, return air is very important for your heating and cooling system to operate correctly. Check to be sure that your return air vents are not blocked by furniture, and that the grills covering them are kept clean.

The best possible way to maintain your furnace is to have our trained service technician come to your home annually to clean and inspect your furnace. The technician will inspect the heat exchanger for deterioration and cracks. A crack in your heat exchanger can allow dangerous fumes to enter your home. The technician will do a visual inspection and also check for any trace of carbon monoxide that is present. The technician will also clean and inspect the burners, check the fan switch and assembly, check the pilot light in older models and ignitors in newer models, check the voltage and amp draw of the blower motor and check the thermostat, along with many other items. You can request a furnace tune up on a single visit basis, or you can sign up for one of our maintenance plans. To check out our maintenance plans and what they offer, please click here.