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Furnace Repair Services

If you turn on your furnace and nothing happens at all, or if the furnace turns on, but it not heating properly, you may need a service technician to come to your home to diagnose and fix the problem. There are 3 things that you can easily check yourself before calling for a furnace repair.

1 – Is the furnace shut-off switched turned off?

Gas furnaces have a shut-off switch, which often looks just like a light switch. It may be attached to the side of the furnace, above on the ceiling, or if there is a wall nearby, it might be there. If the furnace doesn’t work at all, this is the first thing to check. The switch could have been bumped and gotten turned off, or a child might have been playing with it and turned it off.

2 – Is the gas turned off?

The gas line that comes in to your furnace will have a shut-off valve somewhere near the furnace. It usually has a handle that can be placed either in the same direction as the gas line is running, or perpendicular to the gas line. The gas is on when the handle is lined up in the same direction as the gas line. Make sure that no one accidentally turned off the gas. If your furnace has been diagnosed with a cracked heat exchanger, the service technician most likely has turned off the gas to the furnace. If this is the case, DO NOT TURN THE GAS BACK ON. If it has been turned off accidentally, turn the handle on, then try again to run your furnace.

3 – Is your filter dirty?

A dirty filter can be the culprit when either your furnace or your air conditioner is not working properly. The furnace or AC needs proper air flow to operate. If you have forgotten to change your filter, and it becomes very dirty, your system may not work at all, or may not work properly. Always keep your filters changed on a regular basis!

If you have checked the above 3 things, then you will need to call for a service technician to come to your home and diagnose and fix the problem. After his diagnostic testing, he will be able to give you the cost of the repair before starting any repair work. Should you need a repair, give us a call at 614-794-1259