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Commercial HVAC Design Build

Sometimes in life you just have to deal with the cards you’re dealt. The Commercial HVAC Design Build process at Westin Air, LLC is not one of those times. From the start, we will imagine, design, create and complete an entire HVAC system that is customized to your building and your needs. With the experience of our installation team and the knowledge of the mechanical engineer, you can rest assured that the finished product will exceed your expectations.

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During the process we will perform all building load calculations, duct sizing calculations, equipment efficiency selections, equipment controls selection, engineer certified plans, municipality approval and permits. The design build process saves time and money over traditional project delivery by pairing up the mechanical engineer with the installation team that will be on site. This drastically reduces on site design changes required on many traditional “bid spec” jobs. Contact Westin Air today to discuss the options of commercial design build for your project.

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