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Geothermal Replacement

The decision to replace your heating and cooling system in your house is not something that most people have to deal with any more than once or twice in their lifetime. That being said, the decision that you make is very important because you will have to live with it for a very long time. One of the first choices that needs to be made is what type of system should you install. Some types of systems may not even be available depending on what fuel source is available at your house. For example, there are many good choices of natural gas furnaces available, but if you don’t have natural gas at your house then there is no reason to research them. Although in some cases geothermal might not be the best option, It should always be considered.

Replacing old gas or electric unit with new geothermal
If your planning on replacing your old non-geothermal system and installing a new geothermal system there are a few things to consider. In this application an earth loop will have to be added for the geothermal system to operate. There are multiple options such as vertical or horizontal closed loops, open loop well water system or pond loop. Space available, landscaping and terrain all play a part in which type is best suited for your system. If you are thinking about installing a geothermal system and do not have an existing earth loop, we would be happy to come out to your locations and perform a site analysis and discuss available options at no charge or obligation at all.

Replacing old geothermal with new geothermal
If your planning on replacing an old geothermal system with a new geothermal system then your one step ahead of the game. In this application the existing earth loop will most likely be used. We must determine the type and size of the loop to verify it will work with the heat extraction and heat rejection capabilities of the new system. If the existing loop can be utilized, you can plan on a substantial savings over the cost of having to install a new loop. This can reduce the cost of installation by thousands of dollars.

With multiple financing options as well as periodic promotional offers from WaterFurnace it is easy to have geothermal installed in your home.

We have calculated data from multiple previous customers who have upgraded to geothermal and when compared with a propane furnace and air conditioner or an all-electric system with a traditional heat pump, the payback period is typically 3 to 5 years.

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